Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I see that over the weekend Dan Gerstein penned a mash note to Rudy Giuliani, in the form of a book review in the New York Post:

...I suspect the "Rudy can't win" mantra is being driven as much by Democratic fear and loathing -- of both conservatives and Giuliani himself -- as by Republican politics and performance.

...To these liberals, Giuliani winning the GOP nomination is doubly scary: He threatens their worldview - and, worse, as a socially tolerant 9/11 hero, he's probably the biggest threat to beat the Democratic nominee. So when they say he can't win, part of what they're really saying is they don't
want him to win.

... liberals' big error here is to dramatically discount the long-term political impact of 9/11.... This is the pre-eminent, transcendent issue for this generation of conservatives, and Rudy's credentials are saint-like....

Oh, we will definitely see Gerstein's 2006 advisee, Joe Lieberman, campaigning for Rudy if he wins the nomination.

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