Thursday, April 12, 2007


Explosion Rocks Iraqi Parliament

BAGHDAD - A bomb rocked Iraq's parliament building in the heavily fortified Green Zone on Thursday, and many people were wounded, a parliament official said.

The explosion took place in a cafeteria while several lawmakers were eating lunch, said Mohammed Abu Bakr, who heads the media department at the parliament....


I figure it'll be about ten minutes before some right-winger blames this on Nancy Pelosi.


UPDATE: Gosh, that didn't take long. Reply #11 in this thread, posted at 8:37 A.M.:

...Oh, anf thanks, Speaker Pelosi. Are you proud now?

And check out replies #6 and #8:

... I hope the dems and the far left will be happy with what they've wrought.


Well, they haven't wrought it yet. George Bush stands tall in the doorway and there are a multitude of us who stand behind him and with our nation.

Good grief -- right-wingers' calendars really did stop functioning on "Mission Accomplished" Day, didn't they?

(I won't even get into the question of what kind of person who lived through even part of the late twentieth century would use the phrase "stands tall in the doorway" admiringly, without the slightest hesitation.)

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