Friday, April 06, 2007

Trying to Marginalize Us

A few days back I took issue with a David Ignatius op-ed in which the Wash Post writer once again called for the Democrat Party to be Reponsible in regard to providing still more billions of dollars for the Iraq occupation. The gist of the column was the by now familiar refrain that timelines and benchmarks are good ideas, sort of, but not really, because we must be ever mindful of the "conditions on the ground" in Iraq and we don't want to give the Islamicist Facisist Terrorists in Iraq any bad ideas about our maybe leaving someday.

But I neglected to highlight what I suspect was the real point of Ignatius's message: Serious, Responsible Democrat Party people are those who repudiate their Fringe Followers and Enablers in the wicked blogosphere. You know, sites like Kos. Ingatius liked the fact that candidate Obama appeared to say something along the lines of how important it is to keep the cash-spigot flowing to our military in Iraq, which just so happens to be the company line among the professional op-ed writing class, people like Ignatius and his buddies, like Charles Krauthammer, who in the same paper writes stuff like this. And what especially floated Ignatius's boat was that Kos criticized Obama's remarks. So for Ignatius, Obama's remarks, aside from their having any relevancy to "conditions on the ground" in Iraq, is really important because it makes the op-ed writer assume that Obama is on his side, fighting arm-in-arm with him and his pals against the likes of Atrios, Kos and Glenn Greenwald, who for some stupid reason, keep insisting that the professionally trained, well-paid, and establishment-emeshed corporate media types be held accountable for the material they publish and regurgitate, which so happens to most often come straight from the government types Ignatius likes and depends on so much, and who shouldn't be subject to examination, much less criticism, from blogger-types who have probably not ever even been to J-school like themselves.

As the media types now begin enlisting for the administration's war against and on Iran, we can only expect this type of backlash to continue, particularly if Not Responsible Democrat Party leaders like Nancy Pelosi make trips to States That Sponsor Terror, like Syria, which also might make for a worthy military target someday.

Update: I apologize for linking above to comments by Noam Chomsky, who is not a member in good standing with the media elite and is not a Very Serious Person at all.

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