Saturday, April 14, 2007

MITT 2.0

Mitt Romney has decided to unleash the power of aggregate online wisdom by turning to Yahoo Answers to ask a series of questions. The first one is:

"How can we change the tax code to ease the burden on our families and promote growth and innovation?"

This is an odd place to find a would-be president seeking out the people's thoughts on the issues of the day, given that the peer-to-peer discussions at Yahoo Answers usually run along the lines of

"How can i make my skin glowing in 7 days?"


"Who would win in this Tag Team Fight--Spiderman and Ghost Rider or Venom and Magneto?

The cute little cartoon avatars

also lower the gravitas quotient a wee bit. (Mitt, however, gets a little photo.)

So far, the replies seem to be mostly from abolish-the-inxome-tax zealots, and also from some people who think the rich aren't taxed enough but don't seem to have a lot of facts at their disposal. Drop by if you're totally bored. Can't wait to see what he asks next.

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