Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Hey, why not?

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), the most liberal of the Democratic presidential candidates in the primary field, declared in a letter sent to his Democratic House colleagues this morning that he plans to file articles of impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.

Sources tell the Sleuth that in light of the mass killings at Virginia Tech Monday, Kucinich's impeachment plans have been put on hold. There will be no action this week, they say....

Kucinich's office had no comment on the Congressman's "Dear Colleague" letter -- which apparently was drafted over the weekend, before the school massacre -- or on what the focus of articles of impeachment against Cheney would be....

The Democratic leadership will bottle this up -- but I'd love to see poll numbers on it, especially after the articles are filed. I think the public, obviously, would prefer an end to the war, an increase in the minimum wage, and some moves toward universal health coverage, but might very well see the merits of, at the very least, debating this. And it's a hell of a lot better move than impeaching Bush, which, God help us, would be a move to increase Cheney's power. If I were in Congress, I'd sign on.

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