Friday, April 06, 2007

Don't Encourage Them

I don't know why we're continually being treated to these post-hoc analyses documenting one or another of the Bush administration's lies or follies about the Iraq war or anything else. Rather than prompt them to admit a mistake, it seems to just encourage them, bringing to mind for them a long past but favored point of time when it seemed the whole world bowed in awe before their mighty threats and pronouncements and upon hearing the latest report they somehow manage to neglect its conclusions and revert to the old tapes, as if suddenly cued by the motel wake-up call or the Manchurian Candidate code word to repeat as if it was still 2001 the broken record mantra spinning around the dusty turntable the various bumper sticker themes of the Glorious War on Terrorism which then still included promises to track down Osama been Forgotten in addition to the bullicose threats building to roll over a grateful, liberated Iraqi nation and its would-be terrorist neighbors.

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