Monday, April 16, 2007

Before you know it -- maybe it's started already -- right-wingers are going to start invoking today's school shooting to prove that Iraq really isn't so bad. They're going to expect you to forget that a rampage with a death toll of (now) 33 isn't an everyday occurrence in America (in fact, it seems to be America's worst mass shooting). They're going to expect you to forget that far bloodier attacks are a rather common occurrence in Iraq (152 dead here, 130 there, 60 and 67 dead there and there, and that's just since mid-February). They're going to say we had Virginia Tech, so Iraq and America are practically the same.

Some of these people are just stupid. The rest are just lying, and they're doing so because they'd rather send thousands more Americans to their deaths in Iraq than admit a liberal was ever right about anything. The liars in particular should be treated as pariahs.

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