Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Howie Carr (who is no liberal -- warning: audio) reminds us in this Boston Herald column of the reason his wife sued Imus back in 1998:

...Back in 1998, you libeled my wife when you said you would live long enough to "see Riddick Bowe stick his" -- well, I'll leave it at that, although you didn't, and at the end of your demented screed, you added, "again."

That was the word that would have made it a slam-dunk in court -- "again." The case was settled, though, and under the terms of the settlement, I'm not allowed to reveal what happened. But let me just say I always shake her lawyer's hand very heartily whenever I run into him. Alan Dershowitz is aces in my book....

(Also see the fifth paragraph here.)

OK, let's review. This is Howie Carr:

One of the (white) women in this picture is Howie Carr's wife:

And this is Riddick Bowe, the former undisputed heavyweight boxing champion:

Is Imus obsessed with the sexuality of African Americans, especially when they're athletes? Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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