Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today, a report that Rosie O'Donnell will soon leave The View has certain corners of the political blogosphere abuzz -- or still abuzz, given that many of these bloggers were already in a tizzy about some things she'd previously said at an awards ceremony. That's in addition to the uproar over Sheryl Crow's toilet paper proposal, which had some of the same political bloggers all worked up.

I'm talking about right-wing political bloggers. Notice what you don't see? What you don't see is the left blogosphere -- or, really, the left as a whole -- rallying to defend O'Donnell and Crow as politically important figures. That's for a simple reason: we don't think they are.

Yeah, many lefties took note of the fact that Crow and Laurie David were told by Karl Rove that he doesn't think he works for them, even though they're American citizens. But we would have had precisely the same reaction if he'd said that to an average citizen sitting in the audience at a speech.

We're not obsessed with celebrities. The right is.


UPDATE: O'Donnell departure confirmed. I don't think the right blogosphere would be happier if bin Laden were caught.

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