Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The campaign blog of Congressman Ron Paul, the anti-war Texas Republican who once ran for president as a Libertarian and is now running a hopeless campaign for the '08 GOP nomination, is asking visitors to his Web site to pick his running mate. Current front-runner: John Stossel. (I voted for Karen Kwiatkowski, who denounced the Bush administration's manipulation of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq War -- I didn't know she was admired in these circles.) Among the other candidates proposed by the site's vast readership: Jon Stewart (hunh?), Jerome Corsi (presumably less for coauthoring the Swift Boat liars' book than for his dire predictions of a forthcoming "North American Union" that, we're told, is meant supersede the U.S. government), Alan Keyes, Ten Commandments judge Roy Moore, Penn Jillette, Ralph Nader, and, er, Mr. T.

I have no theories about any of this. It seems vaguely like a drug hallucination.

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