Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The comments below are from Freepers, in response to this article about Virginia Tech's treatment of Cho Seung-Hui -- but I bet they're coming to an op-ed page or cable news-talk show near you:

MAN talk about liberalism madness, giving the guy A grades because they are scared of him???


Political Correctness has a price... He gave VA Tech a unique diversity mix. A diversity of race and VALUEs.

This is no joke DUKE director of admissions came to Atlanta last year and boasted their emphasis on a Diversity of VALUEs.


Expel a minority? Heck no, they just needed to understand his “cultural narrative”.


...He gave them plenty of signals but in today’s oh so PC culture, we don’t want to risk *offending* anyone by suggesting something bad about them. And this is the result.


Liberalism is destroying our kids, authority and our country.

I guess there is nothing that would not be tolerated for “diversity”.



I would also add that VT was and is afraid of the ACLU. This liberal lynch mob has everyone afraid of extended, expensive litigation.


He should have been taken out back and had the s*** kicked out of him a long time ago.

Liberalism and multiculturalism are going to get us all killed.

You know what? If (as the linked article notes) Nikki Giovanni was among those complaining to the authorities and nothing was done, I think it's safe to conclude that multiculti leftism is not the problem.

But some bloviator is almost certainly going to go nationwide with this line of argument any minute now.

Me, I'm guessing that nobody in authority wanted to believe this was a serious matter requiring the tedium of extra work. Easier to lump Cho in (despite evidence to the contrary) with the many kids (and hey, I was one of them) who've walked around a college campus depressed and social-phobic and never did any harm.


UPDATE: Actually, that last paragraph is unfair:

...As early as 2005, police and school administrators were wrestling with what to do with Cho, who was accused of stalking two female students and was sent to a mental health facility after police obtained a temporary detention order.

...Cho was referred to the university’s disciplinary system, but Flinchum said the woman declined to press charges, and the case apparently never reached a hearing.

...However, after the second incident, the department received a call from an acquaintance of Cho’s, who was concerned that he might be suicidal, Flinchum said. Police obtained a temporary detention order from a local magistrate, and in December of that year, Cho was voluntarily but briefly admitted to Carilion St. Albans Behavioral Health Center in Radford, NBC News’ Jim Popkin reported.

...According to a doctor’s report accompanying the order, which was first reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Cho was “depressed,” but “his insight and judgment are normal.” The doctor, a clinical psychologist who was not identified, noted that Cho “denies suicidal ideations.”

Under the law, the magistrate could have issued a stronger detention order mandating inpatient treatment, but there was no indication Wednesday that such an order was ever entered...

So the school tried. It's only now that we can see clearly that that was inadequate.

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