Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yes she did, in a mosque in Damascus.

And while various knuckle-dragging right-wing morons get their knickers in a twist about this ("Pelosi Allows Radical Muslim Propaganda Coup"!!!), let me remind you that Pelosi's own faith, Roman Catholicism, required women to wear veils in church until Vatican II -- which took place when she was in her mid-twenties. Some Catholics are still steamed about the abandonment of that custom -- here's a "traditionalist" Catholic Web site's call for the return of veil-wearing by Catholic women.

I'd also like to point out that, like a lot of goyim, I've worn yarmulkes at weddings. Last time I looked, it didn't turn me Jewish.


UPDATE: John the Baptist's tomb is in the mosque Pelosi visited. Freepers are examining another photo of her and asking if she's making the sign of the cross before the tomb. They've got that photo and, as a lapsed Catholic, I have to say I think that's exactly what she's doing -- just the way I'm sure she did it while wearing a veil many times in the past.


UPDATE: Guess what Jackie wore when she married JFK? Guess what Laura Bush wore at the Vatican? The Mahablog talks about all that, and has the pictures.


AND: dnA at Too Sense points out the difference between a headscarf and a hijab, for right-wingers who can't be bothered to learn the difference.


AND ALSO: They wear veils at Mel Gibson's church.

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