Thursday, May 23, 2013


The first screening of this pro-gun propaganda documentary starring Ted Nugent, Wayne LaPierre, and other borderline-psychopathatic talking heads will be tomorrow -- followed by theatrical and DVD releases and, apparently, distribution through PBS:

The film itself is being funded via Kickstarter, but:

You know what, schmucks? If you hate government, and think that you guys and not the government should be responsible for protecting citizens from crime, then don't ask the damn government to spend money retransmitting your agitprop. But what do you expect from people who openly declare that they'd be delighted to overthrow the government -- and expect the government to give them the mans to do so?


Victor said...

This also shows the extent to which Conservatives have bent PBS and NPR to their will, by threatening to defund them for being excessively Liberal.

And hint to NPR:
Not "'EVERY' thing has to be considered!"
Not unless when you consider that thing, you're considering mocking it.

I swear, half the time I'm in my car, if I turn that program on, I hear more and more Conservative talking points being "considered."

And I want to stomp on the accelerator, and look for the nearest bridge abutment.

Nefer said...

"The first screening of this pro-gun propaganda documentary starring Ted Nugent, Wayne LaPierre, and other borderline-psychopathatic talking heads will be tomorrow..."


BH said...

An Oregon PBS station is the "presenting station"? So much for any easy geographical demarcation of gun sanity vs. gun obsession, I suppose.

Jimmi the Grey said...

The border tends to be the limits of the Willamette valley. Outside of it (and along its fringes) the gun nuts thrive. Inside the gun folk tend to a more solid sanity...mostly. Those idiots who toted AR15's through Portland did it in an afluent area they knew they would not be hassled in and were from a 'fringe' area to boot. Remember that we on the west coast are chronologically closer to our pioneer roots...the mythology is still strong, ask Ten Bears (i think thats his nym).

Ten Bears said...

EYup, Jimmi, my neck 'o the woods. And the woods is to this day the biggest issue. Some points to consider: foremost that "chronologically closer to our pioneer roots" thing, out here even the "liberals" are armed. Whither you're a river-guide or a ranch-hand, rattlesnakes are a problem. Rattlesnakes and bears and cougars, oh my.

Of course there are rattlesnakes and then there are rattlers. And rats. (And cougars, but that's another story (in an area where everyone tends to be athletic, is healthy, happier, better educated and live longer, the sixtie year old women tend to be hot))

The Oregonian has a pretty good breakdown of our fierce independent streak.

S. Oregon these days is the west's Appalachia, with real unemployment hovering somewhere around 35%. It has never recovered from the loss of the timber industry and there is a strong not necessarily anti-government but anti-outsider sentiment rooted in part in how the government shut down a livelihood we practiced here for generations at the behest of a bunch of hippies... "hippies" we now happily supply with another forest product even more sensitive to anti-outsider hostility, if you know what I mean.

A couple of other factors to consider: S. Oregon and N. California were the hotbed back in the early forties of a movement to secede from Oregon and California and create a 49th "State of Jefferson". The thirty or so years prior also were hot with union activism and anti-big-business hostility, rooted not only in the typical Robber Baron exploitations of the day but also in the fact the Oregon never voted to "join the union" - one day the Army showed up and at the behest of well-heeled east coast big-business' divvied Cascadia up twixt the Brits and the "Americans" and declared Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana, the Oregon Territories, "states". And finally it is in Southern, Central and Eastern Oregon where you are most likely to find the multi-generational families - my grand-children are seven generations (white) - who are most likely to remember these things.

We do have a few nuts out here, I mentioned the other day the idiot that tried to run against Peter DeFazio last round... from his heavily fortified compound at an undisclosed location in the Portland suburbs, but to my observation they're not as nuts as the nuts you have out east. I live with the ghosts of three generations in a not necessarily fortified compound somewhere in the wilds of Oregon, hundreds of miles from Portand. The aforementioned and those two Portland yay!whos are just that, attention seeking yay!whos who do not accurately reflect the population of biggest part of Oregon: Southern, Central and Eastern Oregon, of rural Oregon.

No fear.

Ten Bears said...

What.I was trying to say before I got carried away, no Jimmi it's the opposite - the highly vocal gunnuts attracting negative attention are within the confines of the Willamette Valley, within the confines of urban Oregon. We here in greater Oregon are your "solid sanity", all.we want is to be left alone.

No fear.

Jimmi the Grey said...

My experience living just outside of Salem and within John Day have lead me to think opposite you...but as we all know, anecdote is not evidence.

Ten Bears said...

I'm close enough to John Day to call it "town".