Friday, May 24, 2013


The Republican Senate candidate in Massachusetts is a real piece of work:
Massachusetts GOP Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez called his opponent, longtime Rep. Ed Markey, "pond scum" during an interview with an NPR reporter on Thursday.

"I don’t think there's anything more offensive," Gomez said, according to a YouTube clip of the exchange, which took place after an event at a local Chamber of Commerce. "You know I've got four young kids, and they gotta sit there and gotta see an ad with their dad -- who served honorably, talk to anybody I served with -- whether as a pilot or as a SEAL, anybody I worked with. And for him to be as dirty and low, pond scum, like to put me up next to bin Laden, he’s just gotta be called what he is. It's that simple."

Gomez was asked about an ad his campaign released earlier this week accusing Markey of comparing Gomez to Osama bin Laden in a Web video by juxtaposing images of the two.
Here's the Markey Web ad Gomez that has Gomez's knickers in a twist. You know why bin Laden shows up in this ad? Not because Markey is comparing Gomez to bin Laden. Bin Laden shows up because in 2012 Gomez was a spokesman for a group accusing President Obama of endangering the lives of U.S. servicemembers in the aftermath of the raid ordered by the president that killed bin Laden.

Gomez whines that he's "got four young kids, and they gotta sit there and gotta see an ad" that attacks him. Hey, you know who else has young kids? The president of the United States. And they "gotta sit there and gotta see" a group Gomez joined, and publicized, basically calling their father a murderer and a traitor to his country:

And yes, the group is still making these charges. For that matter, so is Gomez. Before using his kids as human shields in that NPR interview, he took the opportunity to accuse the president of life-threatening misconduct once again:

For a guy to come out, with his first Web video, to put me next to Osama bin Laden, a former SEAL -- maybe he doesn't understand who actually killed bin Laden. The SEALs did. All because I criticized the president and was critical of him because they released so much classified information regarding that raid that even Secretary Feinberg -- uh, Senator Feinstein -- came out and agreed with me....
Secretary Feinberg, Senator Feinstein -- you know all those people look alike.


People in Massachusetts are tough, but voters there don't like it when politicians get nasty. Scott Brown ran a nasty campaign last year and failed miserably. Right-wing Democrat John Silber was expected to win the 1990 gubernatorial race against socially liberal Republican William Weld until a Silber interview aired in which he attacked a local news anchor for asking him what he considered his weaknesses:

Brown lost last year. Silber lost in 1990. So Gomez is going to have a hard time walking back "pond scum."


UPDATE: Greg Sargent debunks the rest of what Gomez said in the interview.


Victor said...

Feinstein, Feinberg - iceberg, Goldberg, what's the difference?

What about all of the Republican politicians, like Dick Cheney, who took the credit for the extermination of Osama bin Laden, for themselves?

This boy's one of the proud, new, Neo-Fascists, that the Tea Party has foisted, not only on the Republican Party, but the citizens of MA.

Examinator said...

My daddy raised me to be a Proud son of the South, “Caroline” that is. He taught me amongst other things that America was the home to the Brave and the Free.
Like all humans with limited education he was often mistaken no more so than about America.... it has become the home of the Belligerent, bombastic, overly simplistic and conditioned by fear and capitalism's 'trade beads' into servitude to the obscenely self serving and power hungry.

Gomez is one such trade token [ a pistachio ….beige on the outside and money green (also known as greedy/ self serving green) on the inside]. In short he'll say what ever it takes to impress the above demographics. This predominance of self serving in his nature makes him Manifestly unsuitable for a career (?) in PUBLIC SERVICE . However , it makes him equally appropriate as a sacrificial Political pinata, having shown that the GOP isn't really racist and distracting the narrative away from the “robber barons” real agenda to well, we tried it and the 'people' rejected him ( Capitalist version of Pontious Pitate.) . Part of the strategy to divide and conquer ( having the public busy fighting over partisan interpretive 'rights' in simple terms fighting over the sizzle not the steak ) thus taking pressure off their predilection for one of their own... A rampant CAPITALIST (Gapitalist).

In this way the Capitalist 'robber Barons' have devalued the meaning of nationalism ( the purpose of societies), to today's a commodity of convenience, to be used when convenient and otherwise ignored.
It is a demonstrable observation that the more inward looking a group(community) becomes the stronger is their reliance on Dogma and the more paranoid they are.
America is clearly one of the most Dogma driven nations in the world be that CREED (Christian despite the constitution), Color or Capitalism (Gapitalism).

Ask your self how does Off shoring help the 'Average' ( Romney's 47% of) Americans? Less jobs...less to support a consumerist economy... the conclusions are obvious if ignored.

After a lifetime being a thinker and hobby of Breeding Dogs I have concluded that “there has never been a Dog or DOGMA that sometimes in their life didn't need neutering” for their and the wider good.

And politically Gomez , Republicanism, and all the other political 'ism' are no exceptions... regardless of the “right's (sic) tactic of redefining of the relevant political Language .
i.e. Look up the real meanings of “Conservatism”, “liberalism”, “Communism”, “Socialism” and “Capitalism as written by Smith ( the real one) they bear little relationship to the 'Right's common usage' (sic)