Tuesday, May 07, 2013


The claim that the fight for unrestricted gun access is all about freedom seems more and more ridiculous every day. The latest:
... The man behind an effort to put free shotguns in the hands of homeowners says he'll dole them out in the Big Apple by the end of the year -- and the lawmen may not be able to stop him.

"We’re coming -- and we're going to get shotguns into the hands of responsible citizens," said Kyle Coplen, who founded the nonprofit the Armed Citizen Project in January....

His privately funded group wants to give New Yorkers in high-crime areas a $200 shotgun and free weapons training -- assuming applicants pass all the legal background checks....

He fully expects to be branded an outlaw by gun-control advocate Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly but says New Yorkers in crime-ridden neighborhoods will embrace his program.

"I really don’t care what (Bloomberg) thinks...."
The point is, he doesn't care what New Yorkers think. We keep electing public officials who make no secret of their gun-control leanings. We approve those leanings. But Coplen doesn't give a crap what we think.

Or what residents of other big cities think -- this is part of a plan by his group to give away shotguns in fifteen cities, including (naturally) Chicago. Coplen's group has already started the project in Houston.

So let's see: We've got this guy going looking to pumping more guns into cities he doesn't live in. You've got the 3D gun guy openly seeking the day when people can download the blueprint for a printable gun and thus thwart all gun control laws. You've got the guy who promised to lead an illegal open-carry march from Virginia into Washington, D.C., this coming Fourth of July, daring the authorities to stop him (although that guy seems to be wimping out). You've got states endeavoring to nullify federal gun laws (even before they're passed) and local officials threatening not to enforce state gun laws. And you have a number of towns mandating gun ownership.

This isn't about freedom, unless you define "freedom" as "the freedom to do what gun lovers want." This is gun lovers saying they love America, but insisting that America behave the way gunners want and think the way gunners want and hey, America, are you checking out Senators Manchin and Toomey over there, you filthy slut? The gunners are America's bad boyfriend.


Victor said...

You know, I could see having a gun or two if I lived somewhere, way out in the country, and didn't want a couple of sociopaths to "In Cold Blood" me and my family.

But there's a reason why people in cities, don't want guns in them. THERE ARE MORE PEOPLE IN CITIES.

Listen here Billy-bob, if you get off an errant shot outside your home in Siblingschtupp, Alaska, all it might hit is some stray moose, but a loose bullet in a city, is liable to find a human.

There is now some sort of religious-like obsession in our gun nuts.
And these are probably many of the same people who have actual religious obsessions about their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and try to convert everyone in sight who's not the same flavor of religious ice-cream as they are.

Steve M. said...

There's a lot of friction in cities. People get jostled on the sidewalk. Cars cut other cars off to get through red lights. There are fender-benders. People get pissed off. Present company definitely not excepted.

I see a lot of altercations here that I'm sure would have escalated to gunfire if people routinely carried guns in the heart of this city. Hell, I've been in a few such altercations. So thank you, but no.

Ten Bears said...

It has long been my observation our system is a domestically abuse relationship, with the White Christian Nationalist Republicans the wife beating dominant partner and the liberals, like my daughter the dumb broads that always go back to them.

If I beat my son-in-law to death the cops around here wouldn't even blink, but if I beat up one of these nigger Republicans they'd be wondering why they haven't seen me in so long.

No fear.