Friday, May 17, 2013


Politico reports:
A majority of Americans are following both the controversy over the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi and the brewing IRS scandal - but at levels below historic averages, according to a new poll.

Fifty-four percent said they are closely following the story of how the IRS unfairly targeted conservative groups, according to the Gallup survey on Thursday, and 53 percent are closely following Benghazi. For both stories, 22 percent were following "not too closely" and 24 weren’t following at all.

"The level of attention being paid to each is below the average 60 percent of Americans who have closely followed more than 200 news stories Gallup has measured over the past several decades," Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport wrote in an analysis of the poll....
Sorry, GOP (and Washington insiders).

Now, if the public's reaction continues to fall short of all-consuming, pitchfork-wielding, head-on-pike-demanding outrage, I can tell you what will happen next. Recall that the famous 1998 Sally Quinn article about D.C. insider reactions to Monicagate was written out of a sense of disgust that the morally fallen general public didn't grasp the true import of what had transpired. Quinn wrote:
With some exceptions, the Washington Establishment is outraged by the president's behavior in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. The polls show that a majority of Americans do not share that outrage. Around the nation, people are disgusted but want to move on; in Washington, despite Clinton's gains with the budget and the Mideast peace talks, people want some formal acknowledgment that the president's behavior has been unacceptable. They want this, they say, not just for the sake of the community, but for the sake of the country and the presidency as well.
Bad public! Wag your fingers self-righteously or you won't get any pudding!

So if the public remains indifferent to the Obama scandals, it'll be the fallen nature of America that's at fault. I assume Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei will take the baton from Sally Quinn and be the ones to lecture Americans on their moral failings.

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Victor said...

Politico will tell you, "A scandal a day, helps keep the doctor away."

FSM, I hate Mike Alieneyes and Dim FullOHooey.