Monday, May 20, 2013



October 29, 2012, in response to Hurricane Sandy, while the storm was pummeling the New York metro area:

"I have no patience for turning this ... into a talking point" is clearly Goldberg's euphemism for "I'm fresh out of one-liners."


Chris Andersen said...

There's a difference: New York vs. Oklahoma.

It's okay to politicize stuff that happens in New York City. But you better not do it in Oklahoma!

Dark Avenger said...

He's probably on a tight deadline.

Victor said...

News cast:
"News has come in that a 'Jonah Goldberg-sized' tornado struck in OK, killing dozens of people, injuring countless others, and causing massive damage, with hot air blowing at over 200mph."

How's that, Jonah?

Dark Avenger said...

Thank Jonah who brought it up, oh High and Mighty Schlacter.

Dark Avenger said...

So it okay for him to do so when it was NYC hit by a natural disaster, Dennis?

A simple yes or no answer will suffice.

I can't really you going to break precedent and declare a Conservative guilty of hypocrisy this one time, Dennis, that would go against your Prime Directive of attack, attack, attack at all times, and never admit to an error.

Dark Avenger said...

If find it amazing that with near 100% frequency, every time a liberal starts a sentence with the word "So", what follows next is always a lie or a very distorted viewpoint of what the truth is. I have no idea if it's due to laziness or dishonesty or a combination of the two, but it is uncanny.

Not as uncanny as your refusal to address what Jonah tweeted:

All I can think about is how all of this destruction will make NYC so much richer according to Paul Krugman

I'm sorry to demonstrate what a weasel you are, Dennis, but you brought it on yourself.

Ten Bears said...

Did someone pass gas?

No fear.

Dark Avenger said...

Yesterday, one day ago, he tweeted that he had no patience for making this tornado into a talking point, for right or left, that it can wait.

But, because it was over 200 days ago that he made a tweet dragging Sandy into the political realm, he isn't being hypocritical here.

Unlike you, who made the tornado into a talking point, today

So, 200 days from now, it will be okay?

If he had done the opposite, admonished someone back on Oct. 30th for making it into a talking point, and then made it into a talking point today, then you might have a point to make.

So, it's okay for him to making Sandy a talking point 200 days ago, and then to have the opposite opinion about the OK tornado without retracting his previous stance about Sandy and NYC.

As it is now, it's you the one being the hypocrite.

Yes, because I'm the one pointing out Jonah's inconsistency here.

Thanks for straightening that out for me, Dennis.

Now, get back to production and off that iPad, Dwight.

Dark Avenger said...

You're using something he said 203 days ago as an excuse to make political talking points today.

Yes, Dennis, that's exactly known in the real world as 'pointing out an inconsistency'.

Making an observation between what he posted then on the subject and his attempt to appear high-minded on the subject now, is irrelevant because 203 days have past since his remark on Sandy and NYC.

But you use him in order to be ugly today

Yes, just like those lying bastards at MM being ugly about conservatives every day of the week.

How dare I!

As an excuse.

There's no excuse to make a political observation about storms and cities in the first place.

Pointing out that Jonah is correct now doesn't remove the error of his position about NYC and Sandy.

That is ugly, even you seem to recognize, but rather than be straight-forward and demonstrate intellectual consistency, you engage in attacking the messenger, and you can engage in such tedious nitpickery if it floats your boat, I'm not worried that anyone reading this thread is by now going to think the better of you or the worse of me.

As a free pass, you think, just as you think as a liberal prefacing a lie with the word "So" gives you one.

Dennis, tell us you don't support the 203-day old statement by Jonah, and then I'll be glad to engage you on the question of lies and liberals.

Have a good hour, cowboi.

Unsympathetic said...

I have no patience for Jonah Goldberg.. or for Dennis.

I find it amazing that with near 100% frequency, every time a conservative starts a sentence, what follows next is a lie or a very distorted viewpoint of the truth. I have no idea if it's due to laziness or dishonesty or a combination of the two, but it is uncanny.

Steve M. said...

It's just ad hominems now, Dennis? OK, that's it. You're banned. Goodbye.

Roger said...

This is central to Jonah's pointy head.

Moore, Oklamhoma is the Jew of weather fascism.