Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Let's see: Two men who reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar!" hacked a British soldier to death today, and there are reports that a Chechen man who was just killed by FBI agents in Florida was Tamerlan Tsarnaev's accomplice in a 2011 triple murder. Oh, and the U.S. has acknowledged the killing of four Americans in drone strikes.

So what does the homepage of look like right now? This:

And here I thought that violent Islamist extremism was absolutely the worst thing in the world, and that the fight against it was the most important story of our time.

Nahhhh -- the most important enemies are Democrats and liberals. The most important enemies are always Democrats and liberals.


Ten Bears said...

Goebell's Model. Tell the rubes the "liberals" are attacking them, over and over again. Mis in some Flouride and...

We are Fascist.

No fear.

Ten Bears said...

Mix. MIX. Damned "smart" phone.

Victor said...

Yes, we are clearly their enemy at all times.

And one thing their enemy enjoys, is watching Conservatives contort themselves every day, changing positions 180 degrees if we decide to some part of one of their positions, to try to compromise.

Obamacare is basically Bob Dole's Heritage Foundation plan - but because it was defamed by the touch of Liberals, and that Nigrah, it's now as if it wasn't the Heritage Foundation's board that approved it, it was a board compromised of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Che, and Pol Pot.

They are nuckin futs.

And, if they spent just half of their waking "16-hour Hates," where they revel in their fury over what Liberals may, or may not be doing, and devoted it to caring about this country, it'd be a much better place to live.

I sometimes feel sorry for them. It can't be much fun raging at the changing world from the instant you wake up, to the moment when you finally fall asleep.

And I would feel sorry, if they didn't want to eliminate everyone who doesn't agree with them - meaning people like us.

It's a sad and pathetic way to live, imo.

paulocanning said...

Worse has been the gun nuts using the murder (a few miles from me btw) to argue that British police should be armed, or something.

Oh, and I haven't been that impressed with ^any^ US coverage, including MSNBC etc.

BH said...

Paul - that's why I (from Tx) never even look at any American coverage of anything happening beyond the US (and often enough, anything within it). For all its warts, give me the Beeb every time.