Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This is a bizarre development in the Boston bombing case:
ORLANDO, Fla. -- An FBI agent shot and killed a man early Wednesday morning in Orlando who had ties to one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, the FBI has confirmed.

According to officials, a special agent and two Massachusetts State Police troopers were interviewing the suspect regarding his connections to bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and other extremists. The suspect, identified by the FBI as Ibragim Todashev, was originally cooperative, but he was shot after attacking the agent, the FBI said.

Investigators said Todashev confessed to the FBI that he played a role in a triple murder in 2011 in which three men were murdered in an apartment in Waltham, Mass. Their throats had been cut, and their bodies were covered with marijuana, authorities said. No suspects had been arrested in that case, but officials were investigating whether Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who knew at least one of the victims, was involved....
That's a story from Orlando TV station WESH -- and I must say I'm enjoying the story's comment thread, because it suggests that there's a conservative crack-up under way, pitting Alex Jones wingnuts who think the entire Boston story is a lie against Fox/talk radio/Atlas Shrugs wingnuts who think it's outrageous that we haven't begun an anti-Muslim genocide in America:
nothing to see here folks.


so wait people connected to the boston bombings, in florida were questioned early today...than released....and later killed by


Yes, and they need to gather up these 2 liars and all their connections and investigate every inch of their backgrounds and what they are doing here.


im more concerned at why the fbi is trying to eliminate every person involved...are they afraid of loose lips sinking ships?


Investigate these 2 lying dirtbags also, more Muslims in our country milking us while hating America.


...LOL, you are going to make a great slave, you main stream media loving, fact twisting, reality distorting, FOOL! Do yourself a favor and do 5 minutes of independent research on the Boston Bombings, instead of believing everything you see on the government controlled MSM!
More or less the same discussion is taking place in Michelle Malkin's comments:
Kill all Islamo-facists here and overseas.


Perhaps we should team up with the Russians and give it a go. They seem to have a lot of trouble with the muzzies too. Might be a good use of those nuke stockpiles.


Unfortunately, dead men tell no tales.


Things that make you go hmmm.


Too convenient. Too easy. Assassination


More and more suspicious events are transpiring. More and more evidence is going missing. This looks very suspicious.


If Obama wants a Stasi police state he might want to target actual enemies of America like this little darling and his friends.

Better yet, give out open-season licenses and ask us rednecks to clean things up for him. We'll have this settled in a few months. Then we could sit back in the rocker with our bourbon and cheroots and tell stories to the grandbabies.

BTW I want a sterling silver Texas-style Ranger badge. Pretty cool.


Why at the first shootout did the police keep shooting at the suspects when they yelled out , "chill out", "we didn't do it"

" we give up" ?

How was Dzhokhar Tsarnaev able to get away from police after the first shootout, after he yelled " we give up" ?

Why do the back packs that EXPLODED NOT MATCH either of the back packs carried by the Tsarnaev brothers ?

Why were there several Craft International Agents with BPs matching the exploded black nylon BPs running security at the Marathon? Exploded Black BPs with the white Craft International logo ? ...
The government is clearly evil -- but for completely opposite reasons, and, depending on which side you're on, you're either a Muslim dupe or a New World Order dupe.

As I watch this, I'm really sorry to see the IRS and journalist-targeting stories come along, because they're likely to unite these two wings of wingnuttery. I'd really enjoy the chance to kick back with a big tub of popcorn and watch them fight this out for the next few years.


Victor said...

This one's my favorite:
"Better yet, give out open-season licenses and ask us rednecks to clean things up for him. We'll have this settled in a few months. Then we could sit back in the rocker with our bourbon and cheroots and tell stories to the grandbabies."

And the first time some Liberal fired back at them - like, say, Ten Bears - our sunshine-acid patriot's would wet their Depends, run home and demand that Uncle Sam protect them - while they crawled back to their beds, downed lukewarm Bud Lite, smoked whatever they could find, and figured out stories to tell their grandbabies, about how, at the first sign of trouble, grandpappy cut and ran.

I suspect a lot of these "though guys," have a lot less John Wayne in them, than they do John Wayne Gacy - the cower when people fight back, but are unrelenting and vicious predators, on those weaker than them.

In other words, common, run-of-the-mill, bullies, which ='s, cowards.

Ten Bears said...

Setting up a patsy. Dead Indians don't talk.

No fear.

Ten Bears said...

Wait a minute... did you just call me a "Liberal"?

Ya' lookin' for a fight or somethin'?

NO, fear.

Philo Vaihinger said...

Comments get scary on most popular political blogs. Liberal blogs, too.

Examinator said...

All one can reasonably say about the Brit "terrorist hacking" murders, is that those two individuals are victims of propaganda .... they clearly needed to get laid... but *70+ virgins* (?!)eeeyou... well over sold!!
I got issues with living in the same house a wife and (her virginal) Nun sister (SIL). Strewth there wouldn't be enough Distillery output to make any more women under the same roof tolerable, much less 70 more like the SIL.
TB, that would be MY definition of something to fear ;-)

Examinator said...

As for the rest of the comments All that feral testosterone, paranoia and inflated ego chest banging.... Time to buy shares in Eli Lilly (makers of Prozac).

Put it in the Republican's drinking water.

Give them something *real* to get all conspiratorial about.
It'd be an interesting to watch their handling of the conflict of interests .... not to mention the other Big Phama corps jockeying for their share of the 'water' additive profits.
A bit like watching Cock fighting more vicious and more fun/entertaining. And no animal rights protesters either.

Ten Bears said...

With three divorces under my belt, the only thing I fear are women.


Ten Bears said...

It's already in the water: flouride.

No fear.

Examinator said...


One person being killed? Add Allah Akba and a soldier and it's world wide sensational lead story? I find the associated hysteria about the UK 'Terrorist Hacking murders' hard to take all that seriously. notwithstanding what it says about the wing nut for profit fear manufacturing Pox news and the public who are susceptible to this type of emotional (hysterical) over stimulation. More concerning it the intensity in the US.
The really disturbing point is that this story has highlighted (encouragement)to the (suicidal?) Zealot that it doesn't need to be PLANNED or Requiring skills (bomb making) to gain World attention.

Strewth I know of Clubs on 3 continents that are more violently prolific on a Friday/Saturday!

I might point out from the US firearm debate perspective, the UK has controls on fire arms and that the UK has fire arms controls. Is this SINGLE VICTIM a consequence this control? Compare that with the carnage of the Boston Bombing.
The very real problem is the sensationalizing (paying inflated serious attention) to as others have cited give tacit encouragement to those looking to get attention.

BTW People with healthy self image are manifestly less likely to take such extreme actions.

A corollary of this is that the Conservative is generally looking for confirmation of the correctness of their world view i.e. Their belonging and importance to the meta (big) picture e.g. god is personally aware of them as individuals.

Steve M. said...

I might point out from the US firearm debate perspective, the UK has controls on fire arms and that the UK has fire arms controls. Is this SINGLE VICTIM a consequence this control?

Could be.

On Twitter, Alex Jones said gun control in Britain prevented passersby from responding with a show of firepower. I told him that it also prevented these guys from getting guns. The idiots always think their notion of gun freedom magically arms only the good people.

Ten Bears said...

Someone gets hacked to pieces in broad daylight on a busy street in front of his army barracks, the assailants blithly wait for the cops, bloody machetes and all, to get there and you don't fond that a bit odd? A bit out of character? "Extremists" hack some bozo to death in broad daylight and stand there blood dripping waiting for the cops.

Maybe I don't watch enough television, maybe that's why I see these things - this, the Boston bombing, the London bombings. Hell's Belles "9/11" - as a tad over orchistrated, a tad too easy.

I wouldn't be surprised if the guy wern't hacked to pieces at all.

No fear.

Examinator said...

TB and Steve

Today's news.
Says that a cub scout leader/ex teacher was able to engage the 'nutter' in conversation.
Her words when asked if she was afraid for her life she answered "better me than the children on lookers" (school near by had just let the children out.)
Try doing that with a "ding bat" with a firearm.

The point of this is not to say firearms don't exist in UK or Aust only that their control issues are like Locks keep the opportunistic killers and victims to a minimum.

The guy who did the killing was a local who "converted" to Islam.
Mark Twain said " God protect me from a convert(meaning Christian)"
The psychology point here is that Zealots and converts are 'proving' their commitment to the 'new' identity.
This happens with first generation migrants who feel that they are are neither " the old OR new country (identity)" this also explains the extremism of gang culture.

What's different about a person being stabbed several times to death at a club and this case ? answer the 'Alah akba'.
As for being unusual hmmm it depends on how aware you are. i.e. Some Japanese soldiers in PNG actually cannibalised some US and Aussie dead.
Go to any major city morgue or an ER on a Friday or Saturday night and then ask the same question.
I remember counselling a 13year old pregnant white girl a few weeks after she had stabbed multiple times) to death her 19 year old lover because he yelled at her (both were in the church as choir practice had just ended). The reason for her distress call at the time ? She wasn't allowed to go out with her friends that night. The stabbing was a minor story in the media. i.e. “Girl stabs her boyfriend after choir practice”. Look at the Mother's Day gun fight in a black area in New Orleans. 20 injured including 2 children Hardly mentioned I the US media but lead world wide .Surely that says something about the American public. Keep in mind the media's sensationalism is geared to attract ITS audience.