Sunday, August 01, 2010


Am I supposed to be upset about this?

The White House Correspondents Association is moving Fox News up to the front row in the briefing room....

Since veteran journalist Helen Thomas retired, three news organizations -- Fox News, Bloomberg News, and NPR -- have argued that they should move to the front row. Fox News will join the broadcast networks and CNN up front.

However, Fox News will not be taking Thomas's long-held seat in the center.

The Associated Press moves to the center under the new set-up....

They may as well move Fox straight to the center of the front row. In fact, they may as well clear the front row of every news organization except for Fox. That would just be a ratification of what's taken place in the media in the past few years -- Fox and joined-at-the-hip partners like Andrew Breitbart are already the American media's assignment editors. And not in a good way: the rest of the media doesn't recognize Fox et al. as scorched-earth propagandists with way too much clout and therefore doesn't endeavor to take Fox down a peg by debunking its phony stories; instead, the rest of the media runs desperately behind Fox, trying to catch up to those phony stories.

The White House could put a tough SOB in the briefing room instead of Robert Gibbs, someone who would acknowledge Fox's dominance of the news cycle and take on the Foxsters' phony crap him- or herself; the best we get from Robert Gibbs, however, is sighing and grumbling and the occasional mild swipe. I'd like to see someone in this administration go on offense against the right-wing noise machine. The briefing room would be as good a place as any to do some of that. But it won't happen.

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