Friday, August 27, 2010


As far as wingnuts are concerned, none of their enemies act in good faith and all of them are pure evil. Those enemies are almost always Democrats and liberals -- but now the treatment is being extended to Lisa Murkowski, for daring to persist in her attempt to defeat the new saint of Wingnuttia, Joe Miller. Am I exaggerating when I say they're treating her the way they treat Democrats? Well, you judge -- they're now accusing her of planning electoral fraud (and the Nation Republican Senatorial Committee as well):

Joe Miller, currently the leader in Alaska's surprisingly competitive Republican Senate primary, accused the National Republican Senatorial Committee of "meddling" in the contest while charging that his opponent was trying to "pull an Al Franken."

Speaking with Fox Business Network, Miller referred to reports that Murkowski had sought legal counsel from the national committee as the state prepares to count thousands of absentee ballots that could decide the race.

"Frankly we're looking right now to make sure ... that the votes are accounted for fairly without any type of game play," he said. "[It] concerns us any time that somebody lawyers up and, you know, tries to pull an Al Franken if you will." ...

Wow, them's fightin' words. All of Wingnuttia thinks Franken stole his election.

Miller echoes what Erick Erickson wrote yesterday:

Sources close to Miller, Palin, and external media sources all seem to think Murkowski can't make up the difference.

But there is a problem.

The absentee ballots will not be counted for a week or so. Already there are rumors of "found" ballots.

And today we have this from Erickson:

... I've just received a copy of a letter (PDF) from Miller's attorneys demanding the disqualification of Lisa Murkowski campaign observer Bonnie Jack.

The Alaska Division of Elections staff and Joe Miller's staff observed Ms. Jack using confidential voter information and then calling a voter based on that information. The Miller team wants Ms. Jack disqualified....

So: How soon before they start asking to see Murkowski's birth certificate?

Or generate allegations that Murkowski benefited from fraud and intimidation at the polls by unsavory dark-skinned people? (There have to be six or seven blacks and Hispanics in Alaska, right?)

And hey, look over there -- is that Saudi money in Murkowski's campaign coffers?


Oh, and I almost missed this: Here's Limbaugh calling Murkowski a "ruling-class Republican."

Yeah, yeah, I know -- you thought Limbaugh liked the ruling class. That's where you're wrong. He likes what you and I think of as the ruling class. The stinking-rich people who own everything in this country aren't in Limbaugh's ruling class -- like Mr. and Mrs. Teabagger, they're just humble, innocent victims of evil politicians.

Here's Limbaugh:

The ruling class in the Murkowski vote, they're going to find some missing ballots. I don't care whether it's Republicans or Democrats, they're going to find 'em. There are already rumors of found ballots. This is before they get to the absentees.... Found ballots, election fraud, what else is she gonna do? You can't build a bridge to nowhere if you're not in the Senate. Not that she had anything to do with it. I'm just speaking euphemistically....

Limbaugh's sainted Sarah Palin used to like the Bridge to Nowhere too, but never mind.

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