Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Chris Cillizza assesses that Gallup poll that shows Republicans with a 10-point generic-ballot lead and writes a sentence about Democratic insiders that just makes me want to cry:

There is a growing sense -- expressed privately -- that the hoped-for economic recovery will not materialize in any meaningful way before Nov. 2.

A growing sense? You mean, as in a slowly dawning awareness? Now? They're still not sure?

What freaking planet are these people on?

Look, I can accept the fact that some of them may have underestimated the seriousness of the problem early in 2009 (even though all sorts of people -- hello, Paul Krugman -- assessed the enormity of the problem, and the size of the needed stimulus, much more quickly). But how can you possibly still have "a growing sense" that the economy won't bounce back before November in any way an ordinary votercan discern? How can the completeness of the stall-out not have been obvious to you for months?

Want to know why you're losing, Democrats? This is why. There shouldn't have been any Democrats in Washington who didn't grasp a long time ago that ordinary Americans' economy has flatlined.

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