Tuesday, August 24, 2010


John Boehner threw a lot of right-wing boilerplate into the speech he gave this morning, but it's clear that he wants the soundbite takeaway from the speech to be "Mr. President, fire Geithner and Summers" (and the rest of the economic team). It kills me to say this, but: well played, Tan Man. Who the hell likes these guys? Wouldn't you like to see the whole damn lot of them fired and replaced? (I'm ignoring the fact that the only replacements who could possibly win Senate confirmation, even now, would probably be Paul Ryan, Larry Kudlow, and that Dow 36,000 guy.) Taken in isolation, it's a hell of a talking point. It's a talking point that resonates well beyond the teabag and Muslimophobe/birther faithful. Jesus Christ, Democrats -- John Boehner now has better political instincts than anyone in your party?

The only silver lining here is that maybe -- maybe -- Fox and the rest of the GOP noise machine will slot in Geithner and Summers where the downtown imam and the New Black Panthers have been all summer, and at least those racist firestorms might get a little less media oxygen. (I repeat: maybe.) But even if so, the cost is: these are the guys we're being framed as defending if we defend Obama and the Democrats. Anyone happy about that? Can you honestly say that isn't a smart move on Boehner's part?

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