Thursday, August 12, 2010


Still nothing at Fox Nation about the call by Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association for a ban on mosque construction in the U.S. -- but I see that FN does make room, at the bottom of the front page, for a link to this thread:

Fastest White Man in History

Christophe Lemaitre made history at the French championships in Valence by becoming the first white man to run the 100 metres in under 10 seconds.

Lemaitre, 20, the former European junior record holder, also broke the French national record on his way to victory in 9.98 seconds.

'What I wanted was the first place. The time was more of a long-term goal,' said Lemaitre.

'It's good to have done it before the European Championships.'

Lemaitre takes over the title as the fastest white man from Poland's Marian Woronin, who held the European record during the 1980s - missing out on the holy grail when he ran 10 seconds exactly. Britain's Alan Wells ran 10.11.

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The link goes to a story in the (non-Murdoch) Daily Mail.

So far, the Fox Nation thread is a dud -- there are only two comments. I guess that means Fox is willing to engage in a level of race-baiting that's too much even for its own fans.

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