Wednesday, August 04, 2010


So, how are the crazy-cons going to react to the court decision striking down Proposition 8 in California? I ask because we've been hearing that the new right-wing crazies don't care about "values" issues the way the old right-wing crazies did; we've been hearing that the new crowd is even kinda-sorta gay-friendly.

And yet this is the moment, mere months before the midterms, when righties want to throw everything they possibly can at Democrats, liberals, moderates, and even RINOs. This is a moment when they want to howl about the "judicial activism" of the recent ruling on the Arizona immigration law, and when they seem to want Elena Kagan to reach the Supreme Court in part so they can campaign against her. Are they really going to be able to hold their tongues? Is Sarah Palin really going to be able to refrain from Facebooking and tweeting on this, on "judicial activism" grounds and Jesus grounds? Is Michele Bachmann going to let this pass unremarked? Or Sharron Angle? Is the tea party rank and file really just going to be able to shrug, or at least play possum on this issue until November? Did all of these folks just forget everything they said since the days of Reagan and Falwell? Or is the going to be the moment that reveals the new right as just a slightly retooled version of the old God-will-strike-the-heathens-dead right? We'll see.

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