Monday, August 30, 2010


Glenn Beck attacks Barack Obama as a liberation theologist (translation: hippie and black radical at the same time!), and a Washington Post reporter tells us that some Republicans are concerned about that? Really?

Beck's attacks represent a continuing attempt to characterize Obama as a radical, an approach that has prompted anxiety among some Republicans, who worry that Beck's rhetoric could backfire.

Backfire? When has anything a right-winger said recently ever backfired? If you're not literally wearing a sheet, you can be right-wing and say anything you want and there are no negative consequences, ever.

I like this, too:

The White House has all but ignored his accusations, but some Democrats have pointed to the Fox News host to portray Republicans as extreme and out of touch.

Hubdreds of hours of rants over the past eighteen months accusing Obama and every appointee of being the hellspawn of Stalin and Eldridge Cleaver and Democrats actually think the use of the phrase "liberation theology," which 98% of America had never heard before Beck uttered it, is going to turn the tide? Thanks for trying, Dems, but the time to start framing Beck was more than a year ago.


UPDATE: And speaking of Republicans who are worried about nothing, why is NewsBusters so exercised about a Huffington Post piece (which the HuffPo quickly took down) that offered $100,000 for a Glenn Beck sex tape? Didn't the author of the HuffPo piece, Bruce Friedlander, see Saturday's other bit of political news? The Senate's most famous john, David Vitter, won 88% of the vote in his primary, and polls show that he's beating his Democratic challenger by double digits. Scandalous sex? It's OK if you're a Republican. I have no doubt that Beck would just need to turn on the waterworks to emerge unscathed from any sex scandal that didn't involve a child or a dead body.

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