Monday, August 30, 2010


Current headlines:

Joe Miller Dodges Questions On Whether Social Security And Medicare Are Constitutional

Angle in 2005: I would have voted “no” on Katrina relief funds

Ron Paul questions whether there's gold at Fort Knox, NY Fed

We keep waiting for moments like this to blow up in the Crazy Caucus's faces, but it's not going to happen -- in all likelihood, Miller, Angle, Paul and Paul's son are all going to win.

To me, it seems like a heartland version of Being There -- instead of sophisticates who regard every utterance of an illiterate gardener as inscrutably brilliant wisdom, we have Middle Americans assuming that every nutball utterance by a wingnut/teabag politician is perfectly compatible with both the pure intent of the Framers and the best interests of Mr. & Mrs. America themselves. The heartlanders can even hear plain words that contradict their own self-interest from these pols and, like the smarties who listened to Chauncey Gardiner, believe that what they're hearing is what they want to hear. The heartlanders are besotted; they think any criticism of the winger/bagger class of Pied Pipers is proof that the Pipers themselves are brilliant, and they simply won't be dissuaded before Election Day, no matter how crazy the rhetoric gets. The only hope the country has is that they'll be horrified by what these folks actually do when they're in office -- and it's even odds whether that will happen.

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