Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Politico makes the obvious points about Rick Scott's upset win in Florida's Republican gubernatorial primary -- that "[t]he $1.7 billion that Columbia/HCA hospital chain paid in fines over Medicare and Medicaid fraud under Scott's tenure as CEO offers Democrats significant fodder for the fall," but that Scott has buttloads of money and is a Republican in a Republican year, so he's still going to be hard to beat -- but there's also this:

In addition to the many TV ads his cash can buy, Scott can also afford to underwrite get-out-the-vote activities not just for himself but for other Republicans on the ballot.

When asked about the impact of running with Scott, an adviser to Senate candidate Marco Rubio's campaign simply replied: "Fully funded Victory program."

Uh, Democrats? Isn't that an anti-Rubio ad right there? Isn't that quote a really good tag line for an antiRubio ad? (Especially when at least one poll shows Rubio back in the lead?)

A gazillion dollars' worth of McCollum attack ads in the primary already established that Scott is a sleazebag. And there's a Rubio ad boasting about that tainted money. Why not use the line just as it is? (As the line is quoted, I'm picturing an animated Scott carrying big cartoon moneybags and handing Rubio a wad of bills as a cash register goes Ka-ching!) Why not?

Ah, but these are Democrats we're talking about. But Charlie Crist is running against Rubio as an independent. He's not a member of the politically incompetent party, so maybe he'll run the ad.

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