Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unabashed, Unashamed, Liberalism.

I've never bothered to watch one of these things before. I'm not a musical person and I can't sit through, as Giles said to Buffy, "a boy band chosen for their ability to dance" or any number of famous "acts" as they chew the scenery and ham it up for a freezing cold audience. I'd rather listen to music without pictures, thanks. But I tuned in anyway because, what the hell, I'm not all baracked out yet. And what I saw was an unabashed, unashamed, paen to liberal values, democratic precedents and presidents, and a full throated call to arms. I tuned in midway as they were introducing FDR's inaugural speech and watched them whip through the *&^%$ acts to get right to the point: JFK, Lincoln,Bobby, Lincoln and Teddy R. on the evironment, and the funniest five seconds of Marisa Tomei's life, certainly, when she got to represent the three seconds that Reagan devoted to being a human being at his own Inauguration. Man, they must have searched for those hopeful and humane words because they wouldn't have shown up on any ordinary google of our late lamented Ronnie's greatest speeches.

Tour de frakkin force laying the groundwork for the heavy job ahead. Hats off to everyone who participated.


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