Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Legend has it that after Elvis Presley died, his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, was asked what he intended to do and he said, "Well, I'll just keep on managing him!" George W. Bush hasn't actually died, but he is a private citizen now -- and apparently his acolytes and coat-holders have similar plans.

In the Daily Beast, Mark McKinnon, a former Bush media adviser, writes about the mood on the Bush plane as it left Washington yesterday -- and uses his opportunity to reminisce to remind us, as so many other fans of the ex-president have of late, that we peasants weren't worthy:

...The group of 100 or so watching, of which 100 percent were George Bush supporters, all offered their enthusiastic applause for the new commander in chief. Not to say there weren't some critical reviews of the speech, complaints about taking unnecessary shots, and grousing about borrowed ideas, but there was an absence of malice one normally sees among the constituencies of the vanquished....

... while I expected the president’s mood to be defiant, bitter, defensive, or vengeful toward his critics, he was anything but. As he toured the cabin of the airplane throughout the flight, visiting with old friends, family, and staffers, he was filled with equanimity, grace, and a generosity of spirit.

...And while I’m reluctant to quote the president directly from private conversations, I think I can fairly report that he feels a genuine warmth for President Obama....

And it's nice to see that while some partisans have yet to sheath their swords, Obama too has warmed to President Bush during this period of peaceful, diplomatic, and graceful transition. He now believes, as does anyone who knows President Bush, that he is a "good guy" and that "he made the best decisions that he could at times under some very difficult circumstances."
I also know the Obama team has deeply appreciated the degree to which President Bush and his staff went out of their way to make for a smooth transition.

...There was a lot of talk of old days and old times. About how eight years had flown by. About how children had grown. There was no high-fiving or celebration. And no weeping or whining....

OK, OK, Mark -- you and every other Bushie believe that George W. Bush is the living embodiment of moral decency and his critics aren't fit to lick the dirt off his cowboy boots. And his aura is such a force for good that those of you who are his followers are equally morally superior and high-minded.

You know what? We get it. We know you believe this.

Now will you all please stop? Sometime in our lifetime?

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