Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear American South*

I feel your pain. Today, or yesterday, was only the worst day of the year, when the whole country celebrates that Martin Luther King fella, who only threw a monkey wrench into your whole damn system of government and society. Fucked your shit up serious like. And the whole goddamn country loves him. WTF?!

And tomorrow, or that would be today, one of those people, who the year he was born couldn't have gotten a seat in one of your fine, one star eatin' establishments, is only going to be annointed president of these United States. How the fuck did that happen? You didn't vote for him. And now you gotta watch everybody on CNN and every damn station celebratin' like it's mutherfucking New Year's Eve all over again.

Well, American South, I got three words for ya. Suck. On. This.

*present company excepted of course.

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