Thursday, January 15, 2009


Until I read Gail Collins today, I didn't quite realize this:

The White House has promised that in his final address [tonight], the president will be joined by a small group of everyday American heroes....

And I see that that's true -- or at least they'll be somewhere in the room, human props meant to be waved in the faces of Bush critics as a rebuke:

Bush will deliver the speech, expected to run 10 to 15 minutes, from the ornate East Room of the White House. He will have a small audience of people in the room, chosen for their stories of personal courage.

Which means that the president has chosen a fine role model:

Gov. Rod Blagojevich, teetering on the edge of a political cliff after being impeached, brushed off corruption accusations at a news conference Friday by parading several Illinois residents onstage and touted his accomplishments as governor.

... "From the very moment of my re-election, I've been engaged in a struggle with the House to get things done for the people," Blagojevich said....

There you go, W. There's the template you're following.

Way to leave the White House on a note of honor and dignity.

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