Friday, August 10, 2007

Rush Limbaugh on July 17:

... the Dow ... did cross 14,000 today. It got back just under 14,000, but it crossed 14,000 today, a humongously huge story that is not being reported at all because it doesn't fit the action line or the template of the Drive-By Media, that the economy is bad.... The Bush economic plan worked, and it worked brilliantly.

... the so-called Drive-By Media never reported, never celebrated, nor did it endorse the Bush economic plan, making it the only state secret that's not leaked to the liberal media. Nobody is leaking to the media how good the economy is.... All of these Democrats running around on their poverty tours one way or the other, populist tours, the country is falling apart, everybody is a paycheck away from being homeless, soup lines are everywhere. It's a message of doom, doom and gloom, defeatism, and yet there is good news all over that is not being reported....

You never hear the Bush economic plan referred to, but there is one, and it is working....

Yeah, working like a charm.

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