Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's a follow-up to Kathy's post from Saturday about Southwestern Baptist Seminary, which is introducing a degree program in homemaking for women only: Dr. Paige Patterson, the president of Southwestern Baptist and the driving force behind this and other moves to make Baptist women into second-class citizens (including the dismissal of a female professor for teaching men), was interviewed on Fox News (video here), along with Robert Parham of EthicsDaily.com. EthicsDaily followed up with an article that includes a couple of choice Paige Patterson nuggets:

Although Patterson claimed that he believes women should be able to choose if they work, previous comments by him have suggested otherwise. In 1997, Patterson remarked about women: "I think everybody should own at least one."

In October of 2004, Patterson spoke in Southwestern's chapel service on the role of women in the church and society ...

During the address, Patterson used a metaphor that made the husband like a police officer to correct the evil ways of his wife.

"However, he is above me," Patterson said of the police officer. "God gave him an assignment that affects me and made him a minister of God to correct my evil ways. I am obligated to submit to him, not because he is a superior human being, but because his assignment from God is such that it is."

Dr. P. really knows how to sweet-talk a girl, doesn't he?

Oh, but there is this:

Patterson also told women not to write "homemaker" in small letters on paperwork. Instead, he urged them, "Write it in bold letters with a big magic marker."

Bold letters -- yeah, that makes everything better.


Oh, and here's Dr. P. denouncing a Baptist congregation in Decatur, Georgia, for having a female pastor ("totally unacceptable to most Southern Baptists"). Northing if not consistent is Dr. P.

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