Tuesday, August 28, 2007


New York Times today, on the resignations of Gonzales and Rove:

Departures Offer Chance for a Fresh Start as Term Ebbs

Reuters, January 4, 2007:

Bush plans changes in key advisers for Iraq fresh start

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, November 9, 2006:

New U.S. Defense Secretary Seen As 'Fresh Start'

Press briefing by Scott McClellan, April 17, 2006:

This is a time for a little bit of a fresh start with a new Chief of Staff in place.

Time, January 30, 2006:

For George W. Bush, the [State of the Union address] provides a welcome opportunity to make a fresh start with the American people after his worst year in office.

New York Times News Service, December 31, 2005:

2006: New year offers fresh start

New York Times, October 30, 2005:

President Bush ... will try to give his second term a fresh start by naming a new nominee to the Supreme Court and intensifying his drive to cut government spending, White House officials and other Republicans said.

Sydney Morning Herald, February 22, 2005:

US President George W Bush pushed today for a fresh start to US-Europe relations after rifts over Iraq....

AP, January 25, 2005:

Bush seeks fresh start with black leaders

Washington Post, November 29, 2004:

Administration officials had previously signaled they would move gradually to replace the economic team, but the White House is now indicating it may move more quickly to convey a fresh start.

AP , November 17, 2004:

Besides Powell and Ashcroft, Education Secretary Rod Paige, Agriculture Secretary Ann Venemen and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham resigned as Bush sought a fresh start for a second term.

Columbus Dispatch, November 12, 2004:

A FRESH START; Less-controversial attorney general should help Bush in second term

Andrew Sullivan, November 2, 2004:

And George W. Bush is our president. He deserves a fresh start....

Financial Times, December 16, 2003:

The capture of Saddam Hussein is the first unequivocally good news from Iraq since the toppling of his statue in Baghdad just over eight months ago....

After months of mistakes and confusion about the coalition's role in Iraq and of damaging disagreement at the United Nations, Mr Bush can make a fresh start.

AP, December 6, 2002:

Bush tosses out economic team leaders in search for political fresh start


Has any political leader ever made more people over more years hold out more hope that somehow, in some way, he would change his ways and start figuring out how not to screw up everything he touches?

One of Bush's slogans in 2000 was "A Fresh Start for America." He never stops making us want precisely that.

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