Tuesday, August 28, 2007


What the hell is wrong with these people?

Disparaging remarks about blacks, Cubans and Jews are found on amateur online videos co-produced by an off-duty Columbus [Ohio] police officer.

The videos were created and distributed on the Internet by Officer Susan L. Purtee, 60, and her sister, Barbara Gordon-Bell, 52, who call themselves "The Patriot Dames" and the "Subie Sisters."

...When asked about doing the videos, Gordon-Bell said, "We've had a lot of fun with it. I don't see that we've ever harmed anybody."

...In a video called "Jews" that is on the sisters' Web site and that has made its way to YouTube, they say that after the 1960s, Jews monopolized the entertainment industry.

..."As long as you're a Jew, you have that thinking that everybody's beneath you," Purtee says on the tape.

At one point, Gordon-Bell holds up a sign in the video that says, "Jews Are the Problem." She also says, "Mel Gibson was right."

... In one titled "Eubonics," the sisters say that many blacks won't speak proper English, and Purtee says that blacks use "mangled English, dirty and filthy." ...

And, yes, that's "Eubonics." No, wait -- it's "Ebonics." For people who like to mock the language skills of others, they don't do a lot of spell-checking.

Ah, but they're just misunderstood:

Good evening, and welcome to this special video by the Subie Sisters called "The Jews Part III." Many people in our videos have commented that they believe when we use the word "the Jews" that we're talking about all the Jews. So in an effort to clarify that, I've done this video, and it's going to name who those Jewish-influenced people are in our government and our media that are controlling this country. So, sit back and read and watch, and I hope this really helps set a lot of things straight. I'm calling this segment "The Money Changers." ...

Yeah, it's all like that. (Even the state of black America -- though it's illustrated by endless shots of Buckwheat and Rastus from old Cream of Wheat ads -- is blamed, in part on "the Jew merchant.")

I don't know how much longer they'll be up, but you can watch the videos here. The sisters' Web site is here. (I'll note without comment that their choice for president is Giuliani -- or "Giuliana"; they don't seem to be able to settle on a spelling.)

Oh, and I wonder if they know that Patriot Dames is (as Mr. Google informs us) the title of a couple of porn movies.


UPDATE: Purtee's been reassigned.

The city police department reassigned a patrol officer to a desk job Tuesday after she posted on YouTube a series of homemade videos disparaging blacks, Jews, Cubans and illegal immigrants....


UPDATE, 12/6/07: I thought the videos were gone from YouTube and the sisters' site, but they're here and here, and there seem to be a lot more of them.

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