Thursday, August 02, 2007


From Hugh Hewitt's interview yesterday with Cheney hagiographer Stephen Hayes:

SH: ... I think it's hard not to like the guy. And not just me, now it's important to say this, Lee Hamilton, you know, Democratic representative from Indiana, former Democratic representative from Indiana, I said to him what explains Dick Cheney's Darth Vadar image? ...

... he said you know, I used to spend so much time with him, and so did everybody else, and he sat down with reporters and gave background interviews, and he just doesn't do that anymore.

Yeah, that must be it -- not enough background interviews.

HH: Well, one of the things that surprises is that this caricature of Cheney is belied by, you mentioned Lee Hamilton, you also have a long segment on Jack Murtha, Cheney and Murtha go back a long, long time, in a long, long way. And that's not widely known. How come they have allowed their friend to be savaged this way? And I am surprised, because when it comes through that he's got this long list of bipartisan people, they allow him to be a punching bag for the fever swamp, and they don't step up. Why not?

SH: Well, and Murtha himself has been incredibly critical of his old friend. I mean, I think obviously, their relationship is now strained. I don’t know, it's a good question. I mean, maybe they’re just not asked, maybe people don't ask, there aren't a lot of people who are interested at this point, frankly, in taking a longer view of Dick Cheney and his career.

Yeah, amazing, isn't it? You use lies and deceit to help send thousands of Americans to their deaths in an utterly unnecessary war that disgraces America and creates a failed state that's a living hell for innocent civilians and is now the Sorbonne of terrorism, all the while funneling billions of dollars to the company you used to run, in which you just so happen to own stock, and people don't want to remember that back in 1974 you were kind to an injured puppy. It makes no sense!

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