Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm glad John Edwards called Giuliani "Bush on steroids," though I wish he'd been even stronger. Here's what he said in San Francisco yesterday, according to Rolling Stone:

"What Giuliani is, is George Bush on steroids." Edwards said. "Giuliani, Romney and the rest of the Republicans running for the nomination are going to give the country four more years of crony capitalism, which is exactly what we have now. We have insurance companies and drug companies and oil companies running this government. They need to be stopped. And Giuliani just wants to empower them."

Nice, but not a word about foreign policy? Not a word about the fact that, in international affairs, Giuliani and all the rest apart from Ron Paul essentially want to continue Bush/Cheneyism without a hitch?

I worry that Giuliani could be more intransigent than Bush, even less willing to engage in dialogue with other nations -- friendly or otherwise -- that challenge the U.S. in major or minor ways. I think he would have seriously considered cutting off diplomatic relations with France if he'd been president in the run-up to the Iraq War. And as for talking to our enemies, well, it might be like Bush if he didn't have Condi around -- I'm not sure we would have talked to the North Koreans at all, or had any diplomatic contacts whatsoever with Iran. I also think the neocons are going to sound very persuasive to a guy who, as mayor, had Arafat booted from a U.N. event.


One odd thing at that Rolling Stone link. In the comments section there's this about Giuliani from "Lebowski" at 8/2/2007, 7:22 am EST:

...You can say he is "capitalizing" on 9-11 all you want- the bottom line is the man showed courage and leadership that day.

He walked INTO those burning towers, and almost didnt live to tell about it.

Would Hillary have done that? Please- the only thing she has accomplished in her sole term as Senator is to run for President. Hillarys in it for HILLARY. And thats IT. If you believe otherwise you are a fool.

Edwards? Yeah right. Hed be too scared of mussing up his hair. The Dems have NO LEADERS. NONE. Just a bunch of squawking liars, frauds, panderers and clowns.


Is this a widespread belief? Please tell me this the only guy who actually thinks Rudy walked into the towers as they were collapsing. He didn't -- but I bet "Lebowski" isn't the only potential voter who hasn't grasped that fact.

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