Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Democrats and Misogyny, Revisited

On the heels of Saturday's observations about misogyny and the Democratic party, Rick Moran helpfully steps up and gives us an example:
John Edwards, by the way, must be prevented at all costs from becoming President. First of all, the obvious reason that America governed by this metrosexual priss would be an invitation to every terrorist, thug nation, and rogue beauty consultant to descend upon this country en masse and make our lives a living hell. Not only terrorist attacks as a regular occurrence but just think of the damage to our masculinity.
Where to begin with how crazy this is? The part where Edwards is a 'metrosexual priss'? The part where having a less-macho president invites terrorism? The part where Edwards is a threat to our masculinity? Or the part where our nation identity (our 'masculinity') excludes 50+% of the population?

(I should note, lest Mr. Moran or anyone else object, that this was meant to be 'funny'. Republican 'humor' consists of voicing their vilest prejudices and then backing away by claiming it was meant to be 'funny'. This slays them in Republicanville because a) they think their vilest prejudices really are 'funny' (the viler, the 'funnier'), and b) they know that even though it's labeled 'humor' it's really what the author thinks (and so does the audience)--and that's 'funnier' still.)

What Moran is voicing here is the most fundamental assumption of the 27 percenters: that we keep America 'safe' and defeat terrorism not through any particular policy or combination of policies, but simply by projecting a certain gender-specific brand of toughness. That's the sole basis for their undying support of Captain Codpiece: he may be hopelessly incompetent, but he sure does swagger.

Looking at the astonishing incoherence of the Republican candidates on national security issues, it's clear that all they have left to run on is their 'manliness'. If you're inclined to take comfort from this, don't; misogyny is a powerful force in American politics. Given how they've branded the Democrats, that may be all they need.

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