Friday, June 09, 2006


From NewsMax:

Former White House advisor Mary Matalin offered a partial defense for firebrand conservative author Ann Coulter on Friday, saying her comments about four Bush-bashing 9/11 widows weren't as bad as some of the things liberals say about Republicans.

"People run around calling [Republicans] extra-chromosome and Hitlers and Nazis," Matalin told radio host Don Imus. "And nobody says anything."

"She calls someone a harpie and you'd think that the whole world's on fire," Matalin complained....

Oh yeah, nobody ever even dares to say anything when a Democrat uses the word "Nazi. " No one would say a word if there were an attack on a Republican in which the name "Hitler" was used. Nobody would utter a peep if a Democrat referred to "extra-chromosome" Republicans.

Coulter isn't calling a certain group of 9/11 widows harpies. She's calling them harpies who are exploiting their husbands' deaths, and who might not want their husbands back if it meant losing their current status. She's not saying all this in a heated moment; she's not backing down in response to criticism -- these are her selling points, this is the rhetoric she thinks is a winner for her, and she's repeating over and over and upping the ante every chance she gets.

That's what you're defending, Mary.

I think every Republican and conservative in America who takes questions in any forum should be asked to defend or condemn Coulter. Laura Bush? Sure. Poppy and Bar? You bet. Bill Frist and Mike Huckabee and George Allen and John McCain? Yes, get 'em all on the record. Which side are you on, all of you?

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