Saturday, June 10, 2006

AP tells us that a city councillor in Philadelphia has asked owner Joseph Vento to remove the "Speak English" sign from Geno's Steaks -- that's "asked." Not "ordered." Not even "introduced legislation requiring." Just "asked."

Michelle Malkin calls this "The Attack on Geno's."

That's right-wing logic. Ann Coulter viciously refers to 9/11 widows who are critical of the Bush administration as "harpies" and "the witches of East Brunswick" and says they probably would prefer their current status to having their husbands back, and the worst we get from a prominent right-wing defender, Mary Matalin, is that her "verbiage is a little stressful." But an elected official makes a polite call for tolerance and it's an "attack."

Incidentally, that AP story points out that other cheesesteak sellers in Philadelphia aren't following suit:

Competitors are seizing on the controversy, too.

Tony Luke's issued a statement saying its shops welcome all customers "whether or not they speak a 'wit' of English."

And a manager at Pat's said the shop welcomes people of all tongues.

So buy where you like.

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