Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Writing for the Reverend Donald Wildmon's American Family Association, Dr. Marc T. Newman (president of MovieMinistry.com) reminds us of the power of cinema to make us think:

The ambivalence felt by the audience during the film stems from this major premise: in a world that rejects any kind of transcendent morality as binding on its decision making, how do we determine right from wrong? ... it was Nietzsche, not Einstein, who best understood how determinations of right and wrong are to be made in a culture that has killed God: through the will to power.

Of course, I should point out that the film he's talking about is X-Men: The Last Stand.

Oh, I'm sorry. Like a lot of lefty bloggers, I enjoy chuckling at right-wing film critics and their overly earnest (and usually fretful) deconstructions of the high-fructose corn playing at the local cineplex. (Do I even have to tell you that Dr. Newman invokes C. S. Lewis throughout his review?)

But hey, maybe I'm being too harsh. Maybe transcendent morality really is what everyone is talking about after seeing this movie.

Let's go to the message boards:

I just have to get this off my chest. This movie was absolutley horrible. It looked cheap in almost all respects. From the terrible title sequnce (check X2's, it is much better than the 3rd which should be the best?! . . . right?) the evil mutant army that looked like they shopped at Hot topic, the terrible wire work that would make even a late 70's kungfu movie fight choregrapher cringe, and that horrible Alcatraz set that looked like it was lifted from the end of John Carpenters' horrible Escape form LA. Not to mention nearly every time you saw Angel he was somewhere in the distance. Why wasn't he doing fantastic aerial maneuvers LIKE IN THE COMIC! Barrel rolls, swooping into the battle and taking out guys with his wings (again like in the Comic!) ... And have you read the phoneix SAGA, there is nothing of that here. Or barely anything. She doens't even turn to giant firey bird . . . the phoenix trademark! Why call her the Phoenix than....


Actually, as a True Believer, I'm slightly insulted. They emotionally weakened Storm, they threw in Ultimates Rogue and Bobby--there's no Remy to cause frustration on Rogue's end because Kitty doesn't cut it, and quite a few other things were not even in the ballpark.


Wolverine is SO HOT!!!

I think the hottest and best mutant is Wolverine. I mean come on. He has those metal claws and he can heal himself. What`s better than the power to heal yourself instantly?


Ellen Page as "Kitty Pride/ShadowCat". (walks thru walls) She's 19 yrs old and extremely delicious.

sweet, delicious, sexuality at it's best...



Nope, guess not....

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