Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Gee, I wonder if we'll hear anything from, say, David Brooks about this exercise in conspiratorial thinking from one of the most influential men in American politics:

Wayne LaPierre, executive vice-president of the National Rifle Association, tells NewsMax that the United Nations is dead set on writing a treaty that will curb domestic ownership of guns.

He also says his worst fear is that a Hillary Rodham Clinton presidency would allow such a treaty to severely damage Second Amendment rights....

All this is not some vague future scenario, warns LaPierre....

"Here is the nightmare scenario on that: Yes, our Supreme Court has said the U.S. Constitution trumps treaties. But say Hillary Clinton becomes President in 2008 and gets a couple of Supreme Court appointments....

"If the U.S. Supreme Court, stacked with Hillary Clinton appointments, were to decide that the Second Amendment is only a government right and not the individual right, there would be nothing in the Constitution then to prohibit this U.N. treaty from taking effect," LaPierre said.

Wait -- there's more:

...Another way anti-gun activists "have tentacles into the grass roots of this country" is through 527 committees, instructs LaPierre.

"One of the major funding people at the U.N. in terms of the gun ban movement and the NGOs [Non-governmental Organizations] is [billionaire activist] George Soros, who is putting tens of millions of dollars into 527 committees within the U.S. designed to manipulate our elections.

"George Soros is like a new toxin that is polluting American politics. These people consider themselves earthlings first and citizens of any other country second. They eat breakfast in London and dinner in New York and fly around the world in their jets.

"It is increasingly infecting American politics like a germ, and we are going to have to deal with it -- including the national and international media."...

The U.N.? George Soros?

Do I have to draw you a map to explain what LaPierre is insinuating here?

Soros as a "toxin" and a "germ"? That sounds awfully familiar:

The German people will not be free of danger from the Jewish plague until the Jewish question is liquidated in its entirety. The danger of the plague infecting the German people will continue to exist as long as there is a seat of this pestilence anywhere in the world. (Julius Streicher, writing in Fraenkische Tageszeitung on 11 August 1938)

Just as the tapeworm requires a radical cure, so, too, does the Jew. World history proves that, over the millennia, Gentile peoples have resisted Jewish parasites.... Just as a person can be cured of a tapeworm only when it is completely destroyed, so the peoples can be freed of the Jewish plague only when they make full work of it. It is not enough to render harmless only a part of Jewry, since the Jewish tapeworm always grows back! Then it is more dangerous than before! All the work was in vain!... - Excerpt from "The Tapeworm", from a childrens’ storybook
Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher (The Mongrel Dog) by Ernst Hiemer, 1940.

I'm not talking about some crank with a poorly designed Web site and the Stars and Bars on the bumper of his pickup. The NRA is probably the most effective ideological lobbying organization in America. LaPierre hangs out with the likes of Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, and Tom DeLay.

Your thoughts, David?

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