Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'd like to express my gratitude to hilzoy at Obsidian Wings for sampling the right-wing blog responses to Shelby Steele's "white guilt in Iraq" op-ed and finding this one (emphasis mine):

...Our enemy in Iraq is not so much al Qaeda or the remnants of Saddam's ghoulish regime, as our own carping media and our fear that if we take off the kid gloves and play to win, effete Euroweenies might denounce us as cowboys....

This same phenomenon is causing us to lose the war of conquest currently being waged against us by Mexico -- potentially the most disastrous war in American history, because of our bizarre refusal to defend ourselves....

In the end, we only have one enemy that genuinely threatens us. The rest are just opportunistic infections. The true enemy is the liberal elite intelligentsia that has poisoned our most crucial resource: our belief in what we are.

Glad to see someone say what so many right-wingers really think: that all other battles, including the wars America has fought and may yet fight under Bush, are, for true movement conservatives, just sideshows and proxies for the real war: the war against liberalism, the war against people like us.

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