Monday, May 08, 2006

Let's see: Here's Atrios complaining about Mark Kleiman complaining about Atrios favorably linking to Digby complaining about Wonkette complaining about Peter Daou complaining about the media refusing to proclaim that Stephen Colbert was funny at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Is it possible that we're getting just a wee bit excessive in our meta-ness here?

Ah, but the what the hell do I know? I'm just a schmuck who gets a few hundred hits a day, and I'm questioning the Gods of Blog. Maybe it's good that blogging is becoming more like rap -- maybe it's appropriate for bloggers to spend a huge percentage of their time on "beefs." Hell, I've never even written a post about Jeff Goldstein, much less called him a "paste-eater" like all the other kewl kidz, and maybe that's part of the reason I'm not one of the Gods.

Sorry, just grumbly this morning....

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