Tuesday, May 23, 2006

GEORGE W. BUSH: JUST ONE MAN ALONE, SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER (despite the treachery of people like that Jew bastard Soros)

You might have thought no one could still muster the strength to write anything like this anymore, but Michael "I'm Not Robert" Novak really gives it his all at National Review Online:

...What I do want to argue is that, after Washington and Lincoln, Bush is the bravest of our presidents. He has faced the most intense fire, hatred, contempt, heavily moneyed and bitterly acidic partisan opposition, underhandedness, betrayal, of any president in the last hundred years. He has faced hostility over a longer time, in possibly the most dangerous period of international warfare in our national history. He has remained constant, firm, decided, and generous (to a fault) with his opponents.

He has faced almost unbroken contempt from the academy, from the mainstream press, from Democratic elites, from Moveon and all the other holders of the Democratic-party purse strings, from the Democratic Congress, from his treacherous (if not treasonous) Central Intelligence Agency, and from many levels of the permanent State Department. Almost every day, he has been pummeled and undermined by powerful forces of American power. Still, he has stayed firm, with clear arguments, and an even clearer vision....

I don't know which I enjoy more: the (barely) veiled reference to "heavily moneyed" MoveOn holding the Democrats' "purse strings" or the ready-for-the-bush-leagues prose style ("powerful forces of American power"). Ah, but there's even more -- for instance, Novak's suggestion that Iraq in 2006 has less terrorism than France in the 1950s. I'm not joking. Go read the whole thing.

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