Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So if Jeb "Faith-Based" Bush, a hero to the religious right, really does become NFL commissioner, what changes can we expect in the league?

Perhaps those prayers in the end zone after touchdowns will become mandatory?

Or, of course, there was this recently, in one of football's more obcure corners:

The Birmingham Steeldogs will be wearing Christian throwback jerseys during the May 5 game against the Louisville Fire. Both teams are members of the 23-team Arena Football League. The jerseys worn by Steeldogs players that evening will display the name “Samson” on the front -- a reference to the Bible hero with incredible physical strength. On the back, players' names will be replaced by a book of the Bible, and players' numbers will correspond with a specific chapter and verse of that book.

In addition, free Bibles will distributed at the gate, and the Christian rock group Audio Adrenaline will perform in a pre-game concert....

I'm sure the FCC would prefer that to Janet Jackson.

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