Thursday, March 26, 2015


Everyone knows that President Obama's criticism of Benjamin Netanyahu was the result of his raging anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel -- right-wingers all tell us this, so surely it must be true. Netanyahu deserves nothing but praise for his words and deeds! It's hateful to criticize the way he conducted himself during his electoral ampaign!

Oh, wait:
Netanyahu Told to Mend Ties With Washington

Israel’s president on Wednesday officially handed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the task of forming a new government, saying its first priority was to repair relations with the United States and indirectly chiding Mr. Netanyahu for his Election Day warning that Arab citizens were flocking to polling places in “droves.”

“One who is afraid of votes in a ballot box will eventually see stones thrown in the streets,” the president, Reuven Rivlin, said as he ceremonially received the certified results of last week’s election. Later, standing next to Mr. Netanyahu, he described “a difficult election period” in which “things were said which ought not to be said -- not in a Jewish state and not in a democratic state.”
What?! It's Netanyahu's job to mend ties with the U.S., and not the other way around? Netanyahu said things "which ought not to be said ... in a Jewish state"?

Why does Reuven Rivlin hate Israel? Why does he hate Jews?


Daro said...

Reuven Rivlin is quite the mensch here. It's a truism though, that in order to criticise Israel you need to be Jewish or a ton of bricks will land on you. Mostly from Dershowitz' balcony....

Steve M. said...

Well, Roger Ailes's balcony too (and he's a Catholic)....

Victor said...

Since Putin seems to be going down in infamous flames, I'm waiting for our Reich-Wingers to fake a US Birth Certificate for Bibi, so that they can run him for POTUS in 2016.

He's not the dreamy shirtless Russky, but he's a tough talking Jew who's sure to hasten the coming End Times, and the Apocalypse!