Sunday, March 22, 2015


Mystery solved:
An Austin lawyer is claiming responsibility for several stickers placed on East Austin businesses that claimed they were “exclusively for white people.”

Adam Reposa posted the video on YouTube and made a statement on Facebook saying he was trying promote the issue of gentrification in East Austin....
I think what the story means is that Reposa was trying to protest gentrification in East Austin. But stickering businesses with this message was an obnoxious way of going about it:

In the video, Reposa says:
I knew that I could just bait all of y'all into just being as stupid as you are, just allowing the issue to be framed in the most simple way: "Oh, he said an offensive term!" Let's not worry about the actual condition of the way things are.
As Reposa says this, by the way, he's shirtless:

Which is the kind of guy he is -- an adolescent, showoffy provocateur. A right-wing blog describes him as a "liberal social justice warrior," but that's like calling G.G. Allin a "protest singer."

The URL of Reposa's website calls him "DWI Badass." He prides himself on taking a lot of cases to trial and making life difficult for others in court. Here's a testimonial (from himself) on the site:
Litigating a case against me should be agonizing and tedious.
"Lawyers on the other side should NOT think this is ‘fun’.
I try to be difficult to beat, take up time, and make demands that others view as unreasonable." -Adam Reposa
As a 2012 Vice story explained, Reposa worked for a while with Bob Ray, a filmmaker who'd done a documentary called Total Badass about Chad Holt, a frequently arrested cokehead and guinea-pig trainer. (Reposa hired Holt as his legal assistant.) At this time, Ray made a couple of ads for Reposa's law practice that were never allowed on the air by Texas authorities, but went viral online anyway. Here's the best-known one, in all its amateurishly edited, car-crashing glory:

And I don't know who the auteur of this one is, but it's eleven minutes long, it's cheesily edited for maximum "trippiness," and it focuses on Reposa in underwear getting a hot oil massage. After watching even a small portion of it, you may feel the need for decontamination:

So, no, this guy is not a run-of-the-mill liberal. He's an attention junkie first and foremost, and he's a libertarian more than anything. Did I mention the ad in which he (somewhat obliquely) attacks then-New York mayor Mike Bloomberg's proposal for a ban on large sodas, shouting "I'M A LAWYER! I AM FREEDOM!"?

Don't hang this guy around lefties' necks. He's in his own category.

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Victor said...

Man, this colossal asshole makes run-of-the-mill dicks look feeble in comparison.

Of course, that probably means he sports a tiny dick.

But, I'm not watching that hot-oil video to find out - and no one can make me!