Saturday, March 28, 2015


You've probably seen this:
Rand Paul Suggests Gay Marriage Is The Result Of A 'Moral Crisis' In America

In a video posted yesterday by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Rand Paul addressed “a group of pastors and religious leaders at a private prayer breakfast” in Washington D.C. on Thursday about the need for “revival” in America complete with “tent revivals” full of people demanding reform.

He suggested during the event that the debate about legalizing same-sex marriage is the result of a “moral crisis” in the country: “Don’t always look to Washington to solve anything. In fact, the moral crisis we have in our country, there is a role for us trying to figure out things like marriage, there’s also a moral crisis that allows people to think that there would be some sort of other marriage.”

Are you surprised to learn that Rand Paul is talking like Rick Santorum rather than like a libertarian dudebro? Well, it's not as if he hasn't been dropping hints. There'll be this one in the fall:
Kentucky's junior senator is going to produce not one, but two books this year....

We already knew Paul was slated to pen Taking a Stand: Moving Beyond Partisan Politics to Unite America, due in bookstores on May 26....

And the second book? ...

Center Street's site says the senator will author Our Presidents & Their Prayers: Proclamations of Faith by America's Leaders. That book is due out on Sept. 8.

In the 144-page book, "Rand Paul reveals the practices of each President of the United States and sheds light on how religion played a part in their governing and personal lives," the publisher's description says.
We know he's been trying to court the Christian conservative vote for a while. CBN tells us that one of the pastors Paul was addressing on Thursday was David Lane of the American Renewal Project. He was the focus of a New York Times article this week titled "Evangelicals Aim to Mobilize an Army for Republicans in 2016."
... Mr. Lane is positioning himself as a field marshal. A fast-talking and born-again veteran of conservative politics with experience in Washington, Texas and California, Mr. Lane, 60, travels the country trying to persuade evangelical clergy members to become politically active.

His hope is that the politicized pastors will help mobilize congregations that have been disheartened by the repeated failure of socially conservative candidates, and by a party that has softened its opposition to same-sex marriage.
A 2013 Right Wing Watch story went into more detail:
... David Lane [is] an anti-gay, anti-choice, anti-Mormon, Christian-nation absolutist who has declared war, not only on secularism and separation of church and state, but also on establishment Republicans who don’t embrace his vision of an America in which the Bible serves as “the principle textbook” for public education and a “Christian culture” has been “re-established.” He decries Supreme Court rulings on prayer and Bible reading in public schools, and says, “It’s easily defended that America was founded by Christians, as a Christian nation.”

... [A] David Lane-organized pastors briefing is credited with Mike Huckabee’s win in the 2008 Iowa caucus. Evangelical political strategist Doug Wead has described Lane as “the mysterious, behind the scenes, evangelical kingmaker who stormed into Iowa in 2008 and tilted the whole thing from Romney to Huckabee” ...
As the Times story notes, Paul has tried very hard to court Lane -- and now has a member of the Lane family on his payroll:
[In 2012,] Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky attended [a Lane] event in South Carolina.

“They say you’re anti-Israel,” Mr. Lane said he told Mr. Paul when they met, and asked if he had ever been to Israel. When Mr. Paul said he had not, Mr. Lane, whose daughter now works for Mr. Paul, asked if the senator would be interested in going on a tour with evangelical leaders from Iowa and South Carolina.

Two years ago, Mr. Paul, his wife, Kelley, and their sons joined about 50 pastors and evangelical leaders on the trip. Afterward, Mr. Lane said, he received a note from Mr. Paul in which he wrote that he had awaked from a dream singing “How Great Thou Art” and that two of his sons had committed their lives to Christ.
Expect more of this from Rand Paul. He is not running as a hipster libertarian.


retiredeng said...

Does anyone know what Rand Paul is anymore? Other than changeling?

aimai said...

How on earth is he going to write the "Our President's and Our PRayers" crap without acknowledging and even reprinting some of Barack Obama's more famous religious speeches, invocations, and actions including famously praying with pastors while he ws in the whitehouse?

Steve M. said...

I know -- and the publisher's site says he's going to cite prayers by every president, "From George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Barack Obama." I guess the message is going to be "Even the liberal Barack Obama prays in the White House (so shut up with your church-state separation, you filthy atheist)."

Palli said...

No, I cannot believe Rand has done the research that would be required to write this book adequately. No doubt he has hired people to do the basic minimal work of compiling material from various Presidential library development directors. And, maybe, that KKK writer his dad used for his newsletters is weaving the prayers together with mushy text.

bgn said...

Well, politicians never write their own books. They don't have to. Writing books is for the little people.

Victor said...

"It’s easily defended that America was founded by Christians, as a Christian nation.”

Yes, you loon, and that's why the Founding Fathers wrote that church and state MUST stay together, and, we have a religious test to hold office:
Non-"Christians" need not apply!!!!!

I don't think this arrogant yutz has ever read either the New Testament, or the US Constitution.

Victor said...

Oh, and before he went completely off the rails regarding his racist comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team, Imuus used to say that before you write a book, it should be a requirement that you read one first.

Hell, even Ted Cruz-ader read "Green Eggs and Ham."

He missed the message entirely - but, he did read it out loud.

I gave him a "Gentleman's C."

Roger said...

Are we still pretending that Rand Paul writes books?

Even after one of his books contained plagiarized material from Wikipedia and at least two of them were written by "The Confederate Avenger" (or some other neo-confederate cracker)?

Procopius said...

I liked the description of David Lane from the New York Times, "A fast-talking and born-again veteran of conservative politics ..." In other words, a flim-flam man. Later in the article there was reference to "pastors and other evangelical leaders." What leaders do they have besides their shamans? Guys like Tim Philips, Nancy Pfotenhauer, Dick Armey? The whole country is in the hands of super-used-car-salesmen.